14 Sep

Featured Blogger – This WAHM is Getting Healthier

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Our featured blogger this week is Sherrie of This WAHM is Getting Healthier . One of the things we really like about Sherrie’s blog is the simple layout which directs the focus to her witty and very real writing.

Pitch a Blogger

Why did you start your blog? This WAHM is getting Healthier was started as a way to help me keep my weight loss and healthier lifestyle goals, progress, and setbacks on track. It’s not just about weight loss, but healthy cooking, work-life balance, exercise, and a healthier mind.

What is your blog about? I blog about food, weight loss, dealing with chronic pain, working from home, and keeping sane while life goes on. The goal is to reach and obtain a healthier home, life, family, mind, and spirit.

What Blog platform do you use? Blogger.com

Share a tip you use to promote your blog: I tweet often about life in general and promote my blog. It’s not just about promotion, but learning and sharing with Tweeples.

Tell us a bit more about your blog and your goals for the year:
My goals for 2011 are to post more often and to keep it as honest as I have been. I share success and failure on the health front and hope my stories can help others feel less alone.

Sherrie Thompson is a married wahm of 2, 42, insomniac, vegetarian, home biz owner, soapmaker, anime-lover. She’s been telecommuting since 2000 and as tempted as she is at times, she doesn’t see ever going back to work outside of home…unless the dream job calls.

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  1. Andrew September 12, 2011 at 8:38 am

    I have a lot of goals this year, specially when it comes to blogging. I hope I will be able to find time to start a few new blogs.

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