13 Feb

Blog of the Day Bedtimes are for Suckers

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Blog of the Day

We found a blog this weekend that we simply could NOT pull a single post from that could be the ‘blog post of the day’. Why? Because EVERY single post was one of the best we have ever read. Why? Were they full of though provoking political debates? No.  Important environmental news? No. Then why ? Because every single post will make you laugh.

You know how a post can make you smile so large that your finger can’t hold back on the SHARE button? That happened to us this weekend and instead of flooding you all with 200 tweets and twitter shares we decided instead to make Bedtimes are for Suckers today’s Blog of the Day.

The blog is ‘written’ by Lilly whose mom (cough cough) is (according to a blog post) was a writer momlogic.com and is now a producer at CBS The Talk.

Way to go Lilly – for reminding us what it was like to be four years old!


* The Blog Pr Wire ‘Blog of the Day’ is randomly selected by the staff at Blog PR Wire from the vast universe of blogs. Not all of our selections are members of the Blog PR Wire.



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