08 Feb

Featured Blogger Your Golden Ticket

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There are allot of review and giveaway blogs out there but every now and then one stands out to us. The Golden Ticket stood out to us for a few reasons, one of which was that it has more then one contributor. So today’s featured blogger is sort of actually THREE featured bloggers; Samantha, Julie, and Amber of Your Golden Ticket. However our interview was with the blog’s founder Samantha. Here’s what she shared with us;

Why did you start your blog?
“I wanted a blog to give other informed shoppers a place to find information on products and services that are worth their time and money. Honest reviews. Pure and simple.
The second reason for this blog is to pay it forward and help others in their business ventures. I am lucky enough to know many creative individuals that have talents I do not possess with crafting and producing fun unique products. This blog is my tool to promote those I admire and find even more talented people to spread the word about. ”

What blog platfrom do you use?

What is your favourite plugin or gadget and what does it do?
We love the picture gadget, because we can showcase our current giveaway items on our sidebar for our readers!

Share a tip on how you promote your blog
We promote our blog by offering great giveaways that we share with our readers! We’re able to advertise these giveaways on several contest sites, and that really spreads the word about our blog!

Tell us a bit more about your blog and your upcoming goals for your blog…
Our goals are to expand our reach, grow our readership and connect more strongly with brands to bring our readers even more great reviews and giveaways this year!


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