30 Mar

Blog Tips – Blog Directory Linkys

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Blogger Advertising Tips


Blog Directory Linky

I discovered a handy little Blog Directory Linky this morning and though I would share it with our readers who may be looking for some free promotion for their blog.  The Coupon Queen of Texas is inviting other bloggers to link up their family friendly blog on her Blog Directory Linky.

While you are at it here are a few other Blog directory we like as well…

Blog A Rama

Blog Hints

Blog Flux


Submitting your blog to quality blog directories is a great way to spend those ‘few extra minutes’ you encounter waiting for a download  …

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09 Mar

Blog Tips – duplicate a blog post in wordpress

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Blogger Advertising Tips

If you run a weekly series or common topic on your blog you will find that today’s Blog Tip will save you some much valued time! We here at the blog pr wire run a few common blog series (blog tips, featured bloggers, blog of the day) and we found our creative girl was spending a lot of time creating each post from scratch. We knew there had to be a way to duplicate our blog posts as a new draft and went searching.

We found a great free wordpress plugin to duplicate blog posts into drafts; Duplicate Post

duplicate a blog post plugin

The plugin allows you to ‘clone’ an existing page or post and then edit the new draft.

In ‘Edit Posts’/’Edit Pages’, you can click on ‘Clone’ link below the post/page title: this will immediately create a copy and return to the list.

In ‘Edit Posts’/’Edit Pages’, you can click on ‘New Draft’ link below the post/page title.

On the post edit screen, you can click on ‘Copy to a new draft’ above “Cancel”/”Move to trash”.

While viewing a post as a logged in user, you can click on ‘Copy to a new draft’ as a dropdown link under “Edit Post” in the admin bar… change what you want, click on ‘Publish’ and you’re done.

Blog Tips for bloggers

23 Feb

When a blog becomes a business

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Blog Tips for Bloggers

I had a wonderful chat this morning with the Vice President of a marketing firm whose primary client is bloggers and it led me to today’s blog post at the Blog Pr Wire Blog Tips Blog.  How do you take your blog from a ‘blog’ to a business?

For the last five years I have been sharing this one tidbit so often that I fear I may grow feathers like a parrot but it still holds true for most bloggers whose intention is to earn revenue on their blogs. “You need to consider yourself an Internet Publisher not just a blogger.”

By definition a Blog is an online journal. As such a ”blogger’ is a writer. A writer creates content.

“(n.) Short for Web log, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.” -www.webopedia.com

A publisher does more then create content. The definition of a publisher is;

” (n) the business head of a newspaper organization or publishing house, commonly the owner or the representative of the owner.”

That’s a big job, being a publisher. The marketing professional I spoke with this morning shared with me how their company is helping bloggers who have dug through the trenches of starting a blog  to become large successful blogs (Internet Publication). They are helping bloggers by taking over  many of the daily advertising, marketing, and promotional tasks of running a successful blog. Which allows their clients to step back into the role of creating content.

If your intention is to earn revenue on your blog then here are five of the many roles you will have as an Internet Publisher;

  • Writer and Editor (the written content)
  • Designer and creative director
  • IT (think servers, bandwidth, email, domains, hosting, updating WordPress)
  • Advertising Director (The person responsible for manging and selling your ad space to monetize your blog)
  • Marketing Director (The person responsible for promoting your blog, joint ventures, and public relations)

Not all bloggers have a big start-up budget and most will where one or ALL of the roles listed above, but it is important to remember that if you blog as a business you (here it is my parrot moment);

“Wear two hats. Blogger AND Internet Publisher”

Think of your blog as a magazine. Your magazine isn’t going to grow if you only have an editor. You need to learn the advertising industry standards for Internet publications and manage your blog as a business and publication.

If your blog has grown and you need some help with the Marketing and Advertising roles take a moment to check out MBTrends. Their blog is also full of great tips for bloggers.

blog tips for bloggers


27 Jan

Blog Tips WordPress Admin Management Plugin

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Wordpress Admin Managment Plugin

Here is a great plugin that we have been using since 2009. Best of all the developer of this admin dashboard wordpress plugin stays on top of wordpress updates and keeps the plugin up to date. As of today the latest update was just nine days ago!

Admin Management Xtended

Before installing the admin management plugin – you have to open every post edit page to make any changes. Take a look at the view all posts admin panel:

admin managment plugin for wordpress

After installing  the Admin Management Xtended wordpress plugin you will seethe edit options right there on the post admin page:

Wordpress Page Dashboard Management Plugin

Some of the key features include a quick means to:

  • change the author
  • view the number of comments (and open them)
  • edit the categories
  • add tags
  • adjust the post order
  • turn comments on or off
  • change the publications date

An example of when this is really handy- when you are cleaning up your posts categories.

Most of the reviews I give don’t include an endorsement but this time – I actually can say I have used this plugin on EVERY WordPress blog I have created or managed since 2012 so I give it two thumbs up!

Of course – ALWAYS back up before you install any new plugin and remember that plugins can conflict with each other.



14 Jan

List of PPC Networks to Advertise

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Blog Tips for Bloggers

When you mention PPC advertising,  most of us immediately think AdWords by Google. There are however a variety of PPC advertising options that may provide greater targeting (i.e. reaching business owners on Linked In) for your PPC campaigns. For this reason Blog Pr Wire has created a list of PPC networks and advertising providers you may not have considered or tried.

Of course, if you want to run PPC ads as a publisher then this very same list of PPC networks is worth checking out as well!

The big list of PPC networks (or the big list of PPC advertising providers)



list of ppc advertising networks

10 Jan

List of places to ping your blog

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Blog Tips for Bloggers

Blog Traffic. It’s one of the secrets to a successful blog. Blog Visitors, Blog readers.  Today’s blog tip for bloggers is: PING YOUR BLOG!

Why do you NEED to ping your blog? Well it’s that field of dreams thing. If you build it – they WON’T come until you tell the search engines how to find you. That id what pining your blog all about. It makes yoru blog jump up and down and get noticed by search engines.

So here is a handy little list of places (free ping submission services) to ping your blog.



ping o matic

Auto Pinger

Ping That Blog

Blog buzzer

I suggest staying away from any ping submission site that does not provide you with a list of places they will ping.

12 Dec

Blog Tips – import a blog rss feed into any widget

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Blogger Advertising Tips

Wouldn’t it be great if you could import the rss feed of your other blogs into any blog sidebar even a blogger blog widget?

You can with this handy Google Gadget. This Rss reader+ allows you to generate a simple javascript that can be inserted into any page or javascript enabled widget.


We used this gadget to add our blog rss feed to the mobile version of BlogPrWire and it worked like a dream.

Check it out and let us know how you used it.

Blog Tips for bloggers

18 Nov

Blog Pr Wire Holiday Contest

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Attention Bloggers! We want to make your Holiday shopping a little easier so …we are giving away a $50 RBC Visa gift card to one lucky Blog PR Wire member on December 15th 2011!

There’s lots of ways to enter and you can enter each day between now and December 15th 2011.

* The winner can activate the card for online shopping if they don’t want to wait for the card to arrive by mail.

Open to bloggers in North America, the UK, and European Union. You must have a valid blog. We will check ;)

18 Nov

Is Your Blog UnProfessional?

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Blogger PR Wire Blogger Tips

Most of the bloggers at BlogPrWire consider themselves a professional blogger.

However, being a professional blogger is more then just writing on a blog platform. It’s knowing your industry (Internet Publishing) and meeting industry standards. So if you find yourself answering yes to any of the following , it is time to make some changes;

1. You don’t own your own domain name. You can get your own domain name at Go Daddy for just $7.49 using a coupon. Every large brand, PR rep, and business knows this, so if you are using a sub domain like .blogspot.com you are missing out on opportunities and havn’t made the professional blogger cut yet ;)

2. Your blog is not branded
. It’s not hard to make a logo. Select a font to provide consistency and a VECTOR image (which can be purchase at Dreamstime.com for less than five dollars). Start with a HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) that can be sized down. Don’t know what we are talking about – consider getting help from Fivverr.com

3. Your blog design (CSS STYLES) stinks. i.e. highlighted every where – dark backgrounds light text. There are design standards for a reason ;) Not sure if yours stinks? Create a poll for free and ask all your tweeples and Facebook friends to anonymously provide their real opinions.

4. Your images are blurry or look like 1989 clip art. Stock art is not that expensive for blog usage and your caera phone probably takes half decent images, that when sized down properly to an average 200 by 200 pixels will look crisp on a browser so there’s no excuse for blurry bad images on your blog.

5. Speaking of images… Your blog either doesn’t have a professional looking profile headshot or it is more then one year old. Easy to solve – snap some on your cell phone and head over to fivverr.com to get someone to ‘airbrush’ you for just $5.00.

Don’t believe me? Head over to Mom Crunch and read Five ways you look digitally unprofessional

Blog Tips for bloggers


14 Oct

Can that advertiser or PR rep contact you?

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Blogger Advertising Tips

We at Blog PR Wire spent allot of time visiting blogs over the last two days looking for 2 types of niche bloggers for a paid ad campaign. Over and over we found two upsetting occurrences on about 15% of the blogs we visited.

1) An incomplete ABOUT page…

2) Lack of a quality CONTACT page. Especially true of bloggers using the blogger platform who rely on their ‘profile page’.  Why? Well you are depending on a third party server to have no glitches. Blogger has had glitches where profile pages could not be viewed in the past.

Today’s blogger tip:

If you intend to earn advertising revenue on your blog, ensure you have a full contact page that should include;

1) a contact persons name

2) either an email or working contact form

3) links to all of your social media profiles (including LinkedIn)



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