03 Dec

They’ve Gotta Say it For Ya

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Interesting how social media has changed so much over the last 10 years. It used to be ok for brands to put themselves out there through this organic channel of communications. But lately… YUCK! A lot of brands are just spewing their own biased information all over the web. Through every channel possible. Brands need to take a moment and realize that they are not the ultimate decision makers determining the future of their brand (unless their brand is run by the reincarnation of Steve Jobs). What we preach here everyday at BlogPRWire is that “They’ve Gotta Say it For Ya!” That’s right, brands cannot exist as solely inbred communications propaganda houses. The new consumer is very savvy to brands attempting to pour their single biased message all over the web. Many examples are out there of actual backlash against companies trying to do this (i.e. Mcdonalds, Walmart). Don’t get caught up in your company’s clap trap. Onboard a legit community and arm them with reasons to say good things about your brand.

19 Mar

Home improvement Blog Hop May 1 2012

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Blog Hop May 2012One of our members is hosting the  “Make it a Home! Blog Hop and Treasure Hunt”.

If you have a home and garden blog you won’t want to miss this opportunity to spread the word about your blog and win great home improvement prizes.

This Blog Hop starts May 1 and registrations are being accepted from bloggers through to April 24th.

More details can be found at the Mama Zone blog.



09 Feb

Blog PR Wire Sharing the blog love

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Blog loveBlog Pr Wire want’s to share the Valentine’s Day love with their bloggers …

We have 10 125 banner spots in our blog sidebar to giveaway to some of our blog members. If you have a non parenting blog (we have love for you at the Mom Blog Wire) and would like to get some free exposure simply be one of the first ten to send us your 125 button html code to support (at) blogprwire.com and we will run your 125 button through to March 30 2011!


18 Jan

Using Facebooks New Timeline

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Facebooks new timeline

You have probably noticed Facebooks new time line. Either because you are already using it or you have been like our founder Kay been fighting the switch over to Facebook’s new timeline.

Unfortunately you can’t hold out forever so we thought we’d share a few tips about Facebook’s new timeline and …

put up a contest for a CUSTOM designed cover image (because we haven’t found a Facebook timeline cover generator that doesn’t squish up your photos yet). See bottom of post.

Our Facebook timeline tips:

1) Privacy.

Facebook’s timeline makes bring up past status updates, photos, and events more visible. Did you rant and rave about a family member last year? It could make a more visible appearance on your new timeline.

A) Adjust privacy on each post.  You can hide a Facebook timeline element by clicking on the pencil image at the top of the offending status and choose hide from timeline.

Any previous privacy settings you had still apply, so if you set a photo to be for ‘family’ only, it will remain that way.

You can control what appears on your Facebook time line using your Activity Log which displays every post and activity from the day you joined Facebook to right this minute.
“You’ll see two dropdown menus next to each story in your activity log. The first lets you adjust the privacy of your posts, or it shows you the privacy setting if it’s a story created by a friend (like when someone writes on your timeline or tags you in a post). The second dropdown menu controls the visibility of the story on your timeline and gives you the option to hide, allow or feature the story on your timeline. You also have the option to permanently delete anything you post on Facebook”  http://www.facebook.com/help/activitylog

B) Review and adjust your privacy settings. You can set ALL of your previous posts to friends only on your Privacy Settings page. It is a good idea to always review the privacy settings page when Facebook launches a new layout. http://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy

2) Layout and design

Facebook’s new timeline is a big change from the old profile page. There are two things you should do to update your profile to the new timeline layout; create a cover and add past content.

A) The Time Line Cover. You will find there are tons of new aps and pages offering ways to create a new cover.  However, most run the risk of requiring you to provide your contact details or interacting with a third party ap so be sure to research the terms of service and privacy policy of any ap you use to create a facebook time line cover. Our suggestion- use photoshop or paint to create your own.

Facebook has guidelines around using your cover to ‘advertise’ a business’. We recommend that you keep it ‘personal’ but include your blogs colours and fonts to help brand your blog.

Facebook TimelinesB) Your timeline events. See that time line? Chances are there’s not much from when you were BORN to when you joined facebook. You can fill this part of your timeline quite easily by going back and adjusting the dates of any photos you have previously uploaded.

If you want to add a special event in the past, it is as easy as creating new content and setting the date. For example, our founder may want to add “Came up with the idea of Her Media” which occurred in 2003. Easy peasy. Just create a new status and date it.

Yes we said there was a contest. Use the raffle copter form below to be entered to win a custom timeline cover. (Winner can choose from 4 background and provide up to 8 photos and their text.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It’s never too early or late to get started on a new life of healthy living, which is why we’re pleased to spotlight Let’s Move it Mommas, a website sure to help you and your family live a smarter life. Having shed 75 pounds and assorted ailments for over a decade, Momma Marissa launched her blog in March of 2010 and people all over the globe are tuning in.

Why did you start your blog?

I wanted a place where people could go to improve their quality of life.  I have such a strong passion for helping families be the healthiest they can be and this blog has allowed me to reach so many people this way.

What is your blog about?

I dedicate this blog to helping my readers understand healthy living.  I share recipes, daily exercise tips, my weight loss story and the stories of others, the latest exercise and nutrition products, kid-friendly recipes and tips on raising a healthy family, plus much more.

What Blog platform do you use?


Share a tip you use to promote your blog that you feel may benefit other bloggers :

I am actively involved in many communities, whether they are PR related or health related, plus I use social networking to spread the word about what I have featured on my blog each day.

Tell us a bit more about your blog and your goals for the year:

My goal has always been and will be to reach as many people as possible with my message.  To help children and their families maintain a healthy lifestyle.  These days people get so “busy”, we forget that exercise and nutrition will help fuel our quality of life for the rest of our lives.  Our children learn these habits at a very young age, so the more we do as parents to increase their health, the more they will take these changes and apply them to their lives and the lives of others.

Marissa has a degree in Heath Education and Exercise Physiology from Sam Houston State University. She designed exercise plans for heart patients in cardiac rehabilitation for two years before pursuing her current career, teaching Physical and Health Education to children, from kindergarten to eighth grade. Additionally, she is an active community member, enjoying promoting health and wellness as often as possible

14 Apr

Being a PR friendly blog

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Bloggers are often looking to work with the top brand name PR reps. Are you ready to start working with the big brands?

Here are some of the things you NEED to be considered a quality media partner with professional PR Reps:

1) Quality Site Design & Layout.

  • Crisp images, easy navigation (navigation bar & footer), min 550 pixel width main content section.
  • Is the content you are displaying actually what is featured on your page or is your layout overwhelming the content? Do not use dark backgrounds with light text. The content/copy is what your blog is about and it has to be readable and the focus of the reader.
  • No over crowding. Keep your side bar content to a minimum. Feature a few buttons and move the rest to pages.

2) Full disclosure AND transparency.

Have a disclosure policy clearly linked from your footer.

Create a CONTACT page that is clearly linked within the TOP fold of your site. Visitors should not have to scroll down to locate your conact page.

3) Understand real Internet metrics.

For every 1000 views of content  a PR Rep or advertiser can expect to see 1-3 clicks. Do you have enough unique visitors to ensure their campaign will succeed?  If not, what are other benefits you can provide? (see number 5)

4) Be ready for contact.

Know your traffic and visitors. Google Analytics is free and will tell you who visits your blog. This is information needed to make sure your offers and content are relevant to your visitors. This is what PR reps and advertisers want to know.

Have a PR Contact Page that provides the information PR Reps are looking for (which is similar to an advertising Media Kit). Include a form to make it easy for PR Reps to contact you.

5) Syndicate and cross promote. If you don’t have the site visitors on your blog- maybe you have them in other places. Consider posting your features and reviews on other blogs as a guest writer, on your facebook, microblogged on twitter, as an amazon review, included in articles that your distribute elsewhere… get creative.  Let Pr Reps KNOW you do this.

7) Understand what SEO is. A good PR Rep will review your content before establishing a relationship. Are you practicing good SEO practices?

Use keywords your visitors would use in search engines within your reviews (this will bring you future traffic that is relevant to your blog ), this give value to your posts that PR Reps will be looking for when they consider a partnership with you.

  • Ensure your reviews link back to your media partners pages.
  • Use perma links and title your post and urls with keywords.
  • Have unique meta tags in each post.

8) Be a publisher and a blogger.

Take the time to learn the ropes. Blogging isn’t really all that new. Parents were blogging in the 90’s, they just had to write each and every page in html. Blog platforms (content managers) are new.

Design, content, getting quality visitors; these are all well tested , well established. The Internet industry knows how people interact with web browsers. They know what works – you should too. Don’t waste hours,weeks, years, learning by trial and error. There are a lot of FREE resources out there. Dedicate time to learning the ins and outs of being a Internet publisher.



10 Apr

List of places to submit your giveaways

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The Blog PR Wire has been sharing some great giveaway opportunities for bloggers this month and we thought we would provide some tips on promoting your blog giveaways as this weeks Blog Tip post.

1) Harness social media. Be sure to post your giveaway links on your Twitter, Facebook, and social media profiles. Two great ways to help schedule these posts are: Ping.fm and Hootsuite.com

2) Post your giveaway’s on Contest sites accepting free submissions. Here is a list of places to submit your giveaways:

Blog Give Aways (email submission)

Contest Listings (form submission)

International contests

Saving with Cents (weekly roundup linky)

Coupon Geek Got Giveaways

Book Giveaways

Moms who love to read (book giveaways only)

Online Sweepstakes (free membership registration required)

Contest Alley Link back required

Sweepstakes advantage (requires free registration)

Cashnet Sweeps (requires free registration)

Mom Fuse

Mom Giveaways

Mom Spotted

Mamma Buzz

Lucky Day Contests

Know of others? Please comment and share the places you submit your blog giveaways.



24 Mar

Featured Blogger- Naptime is My Time

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BlogPrWire’s featured blogger this week is: Emily of Naptime is My Time.

Emily established her blog in late November 2010, but did not commit to writing regularly until February 2011. She’s new to the blogging community, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at the great custom theme and graphics on her blog.

We’d say Emily understands some webmaster fundamentals, her blog is easy to navigate, the template meets Internet advertising standards. Her posts are a mixture of parenting resources and blogging resources. She started blogging as a way to share my thoughts and reflections on what I have learned about being a woman, a wife, and a mother.

What is your blog about?
Nap Time Is My Time is about one mom’s dreams of eco-friendly domestic bliss. I write about parenting, being a mother, a woman, healthy recipes and whatever interests me at that particular moment.

Share a tip you use to promote your blog:
In order to promote your blog, it is important to read other blogs and comment on them too. This will let other bloggers know that you’re “out there.” Also, I do not follow every blog that I visit, or every blogger that visits my blog; I follow those which add value to my life.

More about your blog and your goals for the year:
This year, my biggest goal is to grow my readership through consistent posting on topics directly related to eco-friendly living. You’re likely to see posts about growing an herb garden, favorite e-books and choosing organic dairy products for your family.

Another goal I have is to review, and host giveaways, for eco-friendly products.
Emily bloggerEmily is a former work-at-the-office wife turned stay-at-home mom. She enjoys writing, photography, cooking and many other activities. She loves a good Margarita and {some} reality TV. She and her husband married in 2005 and welcomed their first child in 2009.

Find Emily on Twitter

Today’s featured blogger is Monique of Stretching Your One Income Dollar , a website that helps you save money on all kinds of essentials from food to vacationing.

Why did you start your blog? 

I had written a book titled Stretching Your One Income Dollar and wanted a website to go along with it.

What is your blog about?

Making less go further. We are a one income family and we show how it is possible to still live comfortably with one income.
We started doing product reviews and giveaways with the site as well, and really have fun with those.We love doing the reviews and our readers love entering the giveaways. It’s great promotion for businesses.

What platform is your blog hosted on?


What are your goals for the near future?

Goals are to continue to grow in size with readers and to continue to promote more products and feature more great articles from our guest writers.

Monique is a mother of two adult girls who lives her philosophy- saving, writing, and product reviewing – with her partner Gerry. She is one of the many great writers that advertisers can reach through BlogPRPitch .

Want your face and profile here? Wander on over HERE and fill out the form