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  • Blog Post Inspiration May Holidays

    Blog Post Inspiration: May Holidays

    Bloggers: Looking for May blog post ideas? Get inspired by these bloggers who are incorporated May Holidays into their content calendars. Learn what crafts to do with your kids on Mothers Day, the best Cinco de Mayo recipes, and how ...

Brandi Haynes A Beauty guru shares exclusives (Blogger Interview)

A Beauty guru shares exclusives (Blogger Interview)

We caught up with Brandi Haynes, beauty guru and founder of PrettyPRChick, to talk about her blog. Learn what inspired Brandi to start blogging, what her most popular topics are, and how she caught the attention of one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world.

Why Blogging is One of the Best Marketing Techniques

Why Blogging is One of the Best Marketing Techniques

When we think about marketing techniques the first things that come to mind are billboards, magazine ads, and commercials. However, consumers prefer a more authentic approach to marketing. Learn why 19 influencers think blogging is more authentic than traditional advertising.

Digital Storytelling Tips for Bloggers

5 Digital Storytelling Tips for Bloggers

Jos de Schiffart, Entrepreneur & Co-Founder at MyAlbum shares his 5 best digital storytelling tips for bloggers. Learn how to showcase your product, engage with readers and use testimonials to increase your blog’s traffic.

Janine Hill

Beauty reviews from a mom blogger (Blogger Interview)

We caught up with mom blogger Janine Hill, to talk about her blog A Beautiful Whim. Janine started blogging to share beauty reviews and encourage people regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity to embrace their natural beauty. Learn more about her and her suggestions for bloggers seeking success.

April Blog Post Ideas

30+ April Blog Post Ideas

Blog post ideas to inspire your content calendar this April, including 38 great examples from the blogger community. These bloggers creatively highlight 14 notable events throughout April like Lawn & Garden Month, Tax Day, and National Siblings Day.

Blog Branding Tips from 16 Experts

Blog Branding Tips from 16 Experts

Influencers and marketing experts share their top tips for transforming a blog into a brand—and why it makes a difference. Learn about the importance of having a consistent voice and style; carving out a specialty; and incorporating new elements from podcasts to weekly giveaways.

3 Bloggin Mistakes Glad I Made

3 Blogging Mistakes I’m Glad I Made

Louise Hendon, co-founder of Paleo Flourish Magazine shares her 3 biggest blogging mistakes. Learn how not knowing who your audience is, not building a large social media following and having an ugly blog can be blessings in disguise.

Influencer Marketing Tips for Brands

Influencer Marketing Tips for Brands

We caught up with 4 experts in brand marketing to explore how they use creative techniques like creating blog guides, interviewing those you admire, featuring influencers and answering customer questions to build and strengthen their relationships with key influencers.

Blogger Outreach Tips For Brands

6 Blogger Outreach Tips For Brands

Getting a mention or full-blown story about your brand in an influential blog is a coveted and highly cost-effective tool for spreading the word about your company. We asked PR professionals to share their favorite tips for successful blogger outreach.